Motor Protection

Chokes - Reactors - Toroids

The range includes various products for different applications.

As for the reactance on the line, solutions are available both for traditional and for regenerative systems with high frequency switching, especially with high frequency disturbance filtering.

Output Filter solutions include systems for use in open ring (Common Mode coil) or in closed ring systems (differential mode coils)

Inductors are available for both common mode and differential mode, the inductor models in differential mode are available to use with high frequency currents, such as occurs in applications using a synchronous motor, where the particular project has to contain to the minimum the effects of heating due to induced currents at high frequency. The sinusoidal output filters have two different lines, one for frequencies below 100 Hz, the other for higher frequencies, this second product line provides excellent performance in terms of minimum heating even without the use of forced ventilation.

FIN47SNB.50.1M Snubber Motor Protection for dV/dt

  • Reduces dV/dT
  • Remote contact indicator
  • Compact dimensions due to the parallel installation
  • Nominal voltage 0 - 500 Vac
  • Frequency range 50 - 60 Hz


  • Three phase choke
  • Common mode impedance
  • Rated currents from 10 - 280A
  • Nominal voltage 500 Vac
  • High impedance
  • Reduce high frequency interference (PWM)
  • Available in cable or screw mounting


  • Common mode impedance
  • Rated currents from 10 - 200A
  • Nominal voltage 600 Vac
  • Low impedance
  • Reduces dV/dt from inverter - motor
  • Long motor life


  • Line and load reactor
  • Rated currents from 30 - 500A
  • Nominal voltage 600 Vac

FIN950U Output Reactor Filter

  • Nominal voltage 480 Vac
  • Frequency range 50 - 60 Hz
  • Insulation class H
  • Max current frequency 100 Hz

FIN960F Line Reactor Filter

  • High frequency application
  • Nominal voltage 750 Vac
  • Rated currents from 7 - 500A
  • Synchronous electrosplindle application
  • No heating on the core
  • High linearity versus frequency

FIN905SF Three Phase Sinusoidal Filter

  • Three phase sinosoidal filter
  • Rated current from 8 - 250A
  • Nominal voltage 480 Vac
  • dV/dt reduction
  • Increases motor life


  • Three phase sinosoidal filter
  • Current rated from 8 - 250A
  • Nominal voltage 480 Vac
  • dV/dt reduction
  • Very low heating for high frequency application
  • Increases motor life

FINTR Toroid

  • Ferrite core
  • Rated available in different size
  • Very high permeability ferrite
  • Protection with plastic cover
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