Wind and Eolic Power Application

In this application, wind energy is converted into electricity by a mechanical system based on a turbine (horizontal or vertical), which rotates the electricity generator. The voltage produced by the generator, is converted to grid frequency and the voltage is adjusted by an electronic power converter. The use of Finmotor products in this application is achieve the requirements set forth by EU legislation, to avoid exceeding the limits of conducted and radiated emissions, and to ensure correct operation even when noise is deliberately injected (required by the immunity tests).

Finmotor products eliminate almost all the issues caused by the inverter generating power to provide the end-user with efficient clean energy. Finmotor products, also function to limit interference on control devices, such as the control for the orientation of the blades depending on wind speed and direction. Our products limit interference on the communication networks inside the system, and eliminate possible problems on the generator where you can see negative effects due to high-frequency switching.

Browse Recommended Filter(s):

Single Phase RFI Filter : ( FIN26 | FIN27 | )

Three Phase EMI Filter : ( FIN538S1 | FIN1500/ FIN1500HV | FIN1200HHV | )

Three Phase Plus Neutral: ( FIN1240 | FIN1940 | )

Motor Protection: ( FIN905SF Three Phase Sinusoidal Filter | FIN930 | FIN900 | )

Passive Harmonic Filter: ( FINHRM | )

Active Harmonic Filter: ( FINHRMA | )

Parallel Filter: ( FIN730.001.M | FIN230SP.001.M | )

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