Renewable Energy

In recent decades, the demand for electricity from industry and residential sectors has increased significantly. The rise in  consumption while using traditional raw materials such as coal, oil and uranium has accelerated the search for alternative energy sources. The emphasis has been on developing safe, clean and efficient renewable energy  understanding the dramatic impact  whileusing  convention power stations creates  pollution, for example; In the case of nuclear installations, the effects of waste products and pollution can have a huge effect on people’s health, and years of environmental clean-up.

With the evolving technology, especially with electronic power components such as IGBT transistors, today we can reach very high power levels for power generation using solar cell and wind technology. In all applications of electricity generation from renewable sources, the heart of the system always consists of a power converter, which is necessary to transform the electricity generated to the alternative mains frequency (50 or 60 Hz) used in industial and residential applications.

Electronic power converters are based on high frequency switching. These devices generate electrical noise in both high and low frequency ranges, Thus creating the need to filtering devices (electrical filters) designed and manufactured specifically for these applications to limit the noise generated to an acceptable safe level.

Due to our extensive knowledge in the field of EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), and our continuous experience in the field, Finmotor laboratories are in collaboration with keystone renewable energy manufactuers and universities all over the world. We have developed a series of sector-specific products for renewable energy, with particular reference to wind and photovoltaic technology. These products in particular are: single phase filters, two phase filters, three phase filters, sinus filters and impedance.

Finmotor is always willing to explore with our clients the issues related to any application. Our experience in solving EMC issues are customized  for each application to ensure reliability and efficiency.


Photovoltaic Application

In this application, diodes incorporated in the solar cells convert light into an continuous electrical current(DC). The voltage must therefore be transformed into alternating current at mains frequency (50 or 60 Hz)(AC).

Enerdoor Filters for Photovoltaic Applications

Eolic Application

In this application, wind energy is converted to electricity by a mechanical system based on a turbine (horizontal or vertical) which rotates the generator. The voltage produced by the generator is converted to grid frequency and the voltage is adjusted by an electronic power converter.

Enerdoor Filters for Eolic Applications

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